Saturday, July 26, 2014

For sale lambs, end of July

I dewormed yesterday and then took a few pictures of some of the for sale lambs.  By no means is this all, see previous posts for more.  

UTS Venaco x S'More Maraca grey kat ram.  Very square.  I'm keeping his grey kat sister.

Maraca's ram lamb fleece - longer staple, very silky soft and very fine.  Maraca has an SF of 23.9.  This ram should add length and silkiness to his lamb crop.

UTS Stronsay x UTS Kerrara - fawn kat ewe.  I'm keeping her sister.

Kerrara's ewe lamb fleece - longer and silker staple as well.  

UTS Blue Castello x UTS Madeline - emsket ram lamb.   Rare color!  Castello's SF was 18.9!!

Madeline's ram lamb fleece - very soft, silky.

UTS Stronsay x UTS Colla - grey spotted ewe lamb.  I'm keeping her grey brother.  I still want to kick myself for not keeping Viva's grey brother years ago so I've decided I'll keep Colla's grey spotted ram lamb.

Colla's ewe lamb fleece - she will be very dense and soft like her mother and sire.  Colla's SF is 25.6.

UTS Stronsay x S'More Rhapsody moorit HST ram lamb.  I didn't get a picture of his fleece, but of all the lambs on the page, he has the tiniest crimp.  Very soft and very fine.  Rhapsody's SF is 26.2.

Rhapsody's ram.

Rhapsody's ewe lamb - Moorit/fawn HST

Rhapsody's ewe lamb fleece - harder to tell her crimp.  Longer, very soft staple. 

B. McDreamie x UTS Moreen - black ewe lamb.  She is a bit narrow in the rear but has a lovely very fine and soft fleece.  

B. McDreamie x UTS Pashmina - grey kat ewe

Pashmina's ewe lamb fleece - very soft and dense with good crimp.

UTS Venaco x UTS Mercure - Ag grey kat (Ag/Ab) ewe lamb.  Very soft and crimpy (didn't get a fleece shot of her).

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