Thursday, December 15, 2016

New Store and 2016 Breeding Groups

Under The Son Farm now has a new store front!  We have our some of our combed top, yarns, and goat milk soap listed. You can check it out here:  

2016 Breeding Groups

See the list below for what ewes are in with which rams.  All ewes are UTS (UnderTheSon) unless specified.

UTS Mackinaw River (UTS Dawson/UTS Meredith Blue - 2014 Reserve Champion Ewe, UK SSS judge inspected and passed; PG 1/PG  2), 2016 WSWF Supreme Champion, UK SSS judge inspected and passed, black, very fine crimp.  PG1
More diverse set of ewes with most of the older, well producing ewes in here.  The 2016 Champion Ewe, UTS Tacoosh, is in this group.  Expecting fine  blacks, white, and kats (possibly grey and light badgerface).  Mack is B/?

UTS Basmati (UTS Manchego/UTS Formosa Jade, both PG 1), white ram lamb, probably carrying modifier as he has emsket blue nose leather, longer, silky fleece.   Expecting whites and some modifieds from this group, possibly grey.

UTS Mansoori (UTS Mahon/S'More Maraca, both PG 1), fawn light badgerface ram lamb, very fine, silky fleece.  

UTS Asiago (Crosswind Pegasus/UTS Velvet, both were PG 1) - dark grey katmoget krunet, B/b, fine, silky fleece.  Asi ended up with Arroyo in Dec, who was originally in Mansoori's group.  PG1 by SF

UTS Smokey (UTS Venaco/UTS Sateen; PG 1/PG2), 2014 WSWF 2nd place ram lamb, grey katmoget, B/b, fine, silky, crimpy fleece.  PG 1
This is a spectacular group of ewes in here.  Very fine fleeces, top notch breed type ewes, a couple of being older, well producing ewes.  

UTS Nishiki (UTS Mahon/UTS Nadaleen, PG 1/PG 2),  light moorit ram lamb (will probably end up dark mioget), fine crimp.   Most of the ewes he has are modified, with silky fleeces.  Brandy has very fine crimp.