Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Merry Christmas!

It was a beautiful day today, though this morning when this picture was taken, it was still below 20 degrees! Thought I would get a few pictures of the boys and they obliged.  

UTS Asiago

UTS Dungaree

UTS Mahon (with his nose in the air) and Asiago.

UTS Manchego - a Cleggan son

In front:  UTS Velour (fawn kat) and UTS Venaco (spotted grey kat)

UTS Stronsay - moorit

UTS Crowley (moorit and white spotted) and UTS Mobay (black and white yuglet).  UTS Stronsay is facing the feeder and UTS Stilton is cut off on the right.

I'm really pleased with the rams that we have on the farm.  All have much to contribute to the Shetland gene pool.  There is quite the diversity among them but they are all very much within the framework of the 1927 Shetland breed standard.  All sport excellent conformation and very fine, breed correct fleeces.   This, to me, is what the Shetland breed is all about - diversity of pattern and color with a breed standard fleece on a typy, fine boned framework.  Easily recognized by original breeders and not confused with another breed by anyone.  

One of the ewe lambs fleece, picture taken in late Nov.   Luscious, lovely, very fine, dense, and crimpy fleece on a 1927 breed standard Shetland.    I'll have to make another post with pictures taken last month showing a few of the fleeces from the ewe lambs and the breeding groups (group shots).   Makes my fingers itch to spin it!