Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Mod Squad

The Mod Squad  

UTS Blue Castello - emsket, half poll

Incredible fineness!  
Extremely soft, dense, and with good length already.

And this is what is above his britch!

The 'squad'.  Emskets - Britta, Galerina, Cinnerella.  Miogets - Galeria, Mingay, Madeline (dam of UTS Mahon, 2013 WSWF Supreme Champion and Best Fleece on Hoof)

After 10 years of researching and breeding for the 'golden fleece', this is the best modified group that I've ever put together. I've never been able to have a group specifically made up of nothing but emsket and mioget sheep - this is the first.  Looking forward to seeing the blue, and hopefully gold, lambs from this group.  Fleeces should be just spectacular as all these girls have wonderful silky soft ones. Some of these adults will be for sale next year (Galerina, Britta), so if you will be looking for a modified fine fleece ewe, place a reserve now.

Monday, October 14, 2013