Tuesday, November 29, 2016

AI Collection of UTS Rams

Six UTS rams were collected.  Included are current and past supreme champions, place winning sires, sires that have produced place winning lambs, and a couple of other top quality rams. All are Premium Grade One rams with the exception of Asiago (he is a very low Premium grade two and Premium grade one by spin fineness). All of these rams have outstanding conformations and breed type.  Straws will be available for purchase once I get back the information for them.  Please PM me with any interest in acquiring straws from these top rams.

UnderTheSon Mackinaw River – black krunet, 2016 WSWF Supreme Champion, B/?

UnderTheSon Stilton – moorit/fawn, 2014 WSWF Supreme Champion, proven

UnderTheSon Smokey – grey katmoget, 2014 WSWF 2nd place ram lamb, B/b

UnderTheSon Manchego – white, produced the 2016 WSWF 1st place ram and 3rd place ewe lamb, carries spots, B/b

UnderTheSon Cameron – grey smirslet, proven, B/b

UnderTheSon Asiago – very dark grey katmoget, silky fleece, carries spots, B/b

Pictures are mostly from early to late summer, not full fleece. 

Short clip of Manchego and Cameron

Fleece pictures taken 11-30-2016.  About 6 months fleece growth.

Mackinaw's fleece - black

Mackinaw's fleece showing the crimp structure.  

Smokey's fleece - lighter grey katmoget

Asiago's - dark grey katmoget throughout 

Stilton - a modified fawn moorit

Manchego - white, nice and bright

Cameron - Ag grey, with a little bit of color which is rare for a fine fleece Ag