For Sale: Fiber to Finished Goods

Under The Son Farm now has a new store front!  We have our some of our combed top, yarns, and goat milk soap listed. You can check it out here:  

Under The Son Farm has the following for sale at all times:

Raw fleeces - call and ask for available colors.  Fleeces at the moment are all purebred Shetland.

We have all of the Shetland purebred colors on the farm and most are available, with some of the more rare colors rarely available.


Musket (pale cream to brown/grey)                               grey (usually light, a few dark)     
Mioget (rose gold to yellow gold, various shades)          grey katmoget (pale grey to very dark grey/black)
Fawn Katmoget (shades of light brown to pale cream)   emsket (blue gray)                        
Fawn (light brown, with white fibers sometimes)             shaela (black frost)
Moorit (brown, with white fibers sometimes)                  black (most are Shetland black, with brown tips)
PLEASE NOTE:  Due to our hot Indiana weather, our fleeces sometimes have a "lanolin" line next to the shorn or rooed end.  This is normal and easily washes out.

Raw fleece ranges from $16-40/lb.  These are grade 1 or 2.   Fleeces range from 1.5 lbs to 3.5 lbs, skirted (no britch or neck wool).  Fleeces are covered in winter to protect from hay contamination and are virtually VM free.  The reason that the price is high is because of the RARITY of the quality of fine wooled Shetland fleece!!

Roving - call and ask for available colors.  We have several different "types" available from very fine Shetland lamb's wool all the way to britch wool.  This is so that the perfect match for the project you want can be had whether it is for a fine lace shawl or scarf, an everyday shawl, hat, scarf, gloves, sweater, socks, or for that lifetime Shetland wool rug.  We have special blends available too - Shetland mixed with alpaca, mohair, angelina, angora, dyed, or natural/dyed.  Many of these are handprocessed right here on the farm on our carding machine in small batches. 
Roving is $4.00/oz for grade 1 or special blends, $3.50/oz for grade 2, $3.00 for grade 3, and $2.50 for britch/rug roving.

Under The Son Farm booth at Greencastle Fiber Event 2012 

Combed Top - Woohoo!  Just got back from Zeilinger Woolen Mill a bunch of wonderful combed top.  This luscious top is made from our prime natural colored very soft Shetland neck wool and lamb fleeces.  Our Shetland top is wonderful to spin as is, drafts like butter, and can be felted into a fine felt.  The natural colors blend beautifully together to make any sort of knitted good (Fair Isle is perfect for this or a multi-colored lace or hap shawl) or spin to weave that gorgeous tartan blanket.  Or, have fun dyeing or handpainting your own colors.  Shetland dyes beautifully!

Top row, l to r:  white, light cream, dark cream, mioget (very limited supply), moorit (limited)
Bottom row, l to r: light grey, emsket, med grey, shaela, shetland black

Note:  for the creams and the emsket and med grey - there is a slight difference between the colors.  

Combed Top is priced at $4.00/oz or $48/lb for one pound or more. 

Combo packs of all 10 colors of combed top, 2 oz/color, is $64.   
If you want larger combo packs, just drop me a line!

Batts - Quilt batts currently available are moorit Shetland in twin or queen size and white Cheviot available in queen comfortor size.  Wool batting makes excellent bedding material as it allows the perfect temperature for sleeping.

Felt yardage - available in small pieces up to 2 yards in length.  Perfect for trim pieces on garments or full garments.  Lightweight to medium weight.  In natural colors, dyed, or with a combination and also some with a eclectic mix of materials for a unique piece.

Felted Shetland - natural and dyed

Felted Shetland - dyed with eclectic yarns 

Felt batts

Handspun or Millspun yarns - We hand wash all of our fleeces right here on the farm, before they are further processed, so that we have control of how they are handled.

Millspun yarn is currently available on the yarn page.  Several wool mills have been used and we have been happy with them all and have always received compliments for the superior quality of our fleeces from the mills.

We occasionally have handspun yarns available. 

Sheepskin hides -  NEW!!!   The latest batch has arrived and they are spectacular!!  See this blog post for a listing

Finished goods - a few items are usually available such as felted scarves, knitted mitts, knitted hats, or woven shawls.  Woven blankets will be available in the future.  Custom orders are welcome.