Sunday, April 6, 2014

Shetlands for sale

In the need to cut my flock down to a reasonable number, I will be offering the following for sale. The rams have micron stats listed in the previous post.

I am cutting the ram flock down to about half, keeping those rams that will be able to be utilized in my flock. The ones I'm offering for sale are here because I have so much of their genetics in the flock.  Not for any other reason.

UnderTheSon Dungaree - white,  Awt/Aa, DOB 2011 (UTS Emperor's White/UTS Dakota).
Dakota has produced excellent rams and Dungaree is no exception.  He won 3rd place in a very large ram lamb class under Kate Sharp and Alan Hill at WSWF in 2011.  He has been inspected and passed under Maurice Wakeling as a 2 yr old as well as placed 1st in the Senior ram class in 2013.  I have a few of his daughters so it is time to move him on.  Dungaree has a silky soft, wavy/crimpy fleece with good length and he roos.

UnderTheSon Velour - fawn katmoget, Ab/Aa, DOB 2011 (UTS Apache/UTS Viva).
Velour's sire, Apache, placed 2nd in the ram lamb class at WSWF in 2010 and won Best Fleece on hoof. Velour placed 1st in 2011 under Kate and Alan and also took Reserve Champion Ram.  There isn't much to add to that.  I have a few daughters I am retaining from him as well.  Silky, soft, wavy/crimpy fleece.  I am very reluctantly offering him for sale.

UnderTheSon Crowley - moorit spotted, Aa/Aa, DOB 2013 (Crosswinds Pegasus/UTS Ceylon).
I am reluctantly offering this ram for sale, simply because I am keeping several of Pegasus's sons from last year and just can't keep them all!  This ram lamb has been a knockout from birth with his bold spotting and strong structure.  Great color to his fleece and long, soft, crimpy staples going well down his britch.  This ram has much to offer to boost a flock's overall breed type.

Several ewes will be available this year.  I will offer up between 10-15 adults and several yearlings.  These are NOT, in any way shape or form, culls.  These are top quality ewes that have proven themselves (if adults) to produce both good lambs and a good fleece.  I have culled extensively for years, retaining the best of the best.   I simply have too many sheep and need to cut back on the total number.  From here on, I will be concentrating on producing mainly crossbred lambs so that I do not have to face the task of shipping purebreds to market.  I will be only breeding a few ewes to pure rams, mainly for the sake of replacing stock in my own flock.  I did 50/50 breeding last fall - half going to pure and half going to cross.  Having lots of lambs designated from the start going to market makes my job a lot easier (read, less painful).  Basically, this is the year to get a purebred Shetland lamb or adult from me if you are so interested.

Our farm has bred for 1927 Shetland breed type since the beginning and the sheep themselves have been proven for 12 years now - in the jug, in the ring, on the table (fleece, skeins, and finished goods), and also on the dinner table.   They've done all they've been asked to do - proving it with consistent wins everywhere with judges here and from abroad.  It doesn't get any better than this.

I won't be posting exactly who is for sale yet as I want to wait for the stats for this year as I'm almost done clipping the adult ewes fleece samples.  My fleeces are soft handling, have good crimp, and good length. Every sample from every sheep that I clip tells me the same thing.  They are breed type all the way.  They are of good weight and great handle.  They spin supremely and make superior feeling goods.

I will only be keeping around 10 ewe lambs this fall and 2-3 ram lambs.  The rest of the lambs will be available.  Many of these are spotted and some are spotted katmogets.  A few solids and kats are in the bunch.  I'm a plain jane type of breeder and prefer the solids or the katmogets.  So, my preference is your flashy chrome!