Thursday, November 21, 2019

A fine fleece video

Just took a video tonight of the ewes to show what fine fleece Shetland sheep look like.  Sorry for the darkness of the barn.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

2019 Fall Sales list

A few of this year's ewes and rams for sale.  Will  be available for only a short time.

Under The Son Meredith Blue - mother of champions!!  Fine fleeced, crimpy, shaela  2013
(Under The Son Stronsay/Under The Son Morchella)
She is the mother of Mack - WSWF Supreme Champion, grandmother of Kenzo - WSWF Champion, and mother of Troy - WSWF Res Champion

Under The Son Mira - fine fleeced, crimpy.  Very correct.  2017
(Under The Son Nik/Under The Son Mingay)

Under The Son Waverly - dark fawn kat, very fine and very crimpy 2019
(Under The Son Kenzo/Under The Son Windsong)

Under The Son June Tailor - dark grey smirslet kat, very fine and crimpy, 2019 
(Under The Son Triton/Under The Son Patches)

Under The Son Jinny Beyer  - black smirslet, very fine, very crimpy, 2019
(Under The Son Triton/Under The Son Patches)

Under The Son  Chella - moorit, fine and crimpy, 2019
(Under The Son Kenzo/Under The Son Cachet)

Grey (Ag) ram, very fine and very crimpy, 2019
(Under The Son Kenzo/Under The Son Conde)

Cormo cross ram 2019

3/4 Shetland/BFL 2019 ewe lambs - several colors available

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Sept 2018 - Ram lambs

Under The Son Ram lambs for 2018
Here are the best of this year.  All are very fine and crimpy with great structures.  

Left to Right:  UTS Chrome/UTS Talledega - spotted grey kat, triplet
UTS Chrome/UTS Tanz - spotted grey kat, twin

UTS Chrome/UTS Talledega - spotted grey kat, dense, soft

UTS Chrome/UTS Tanz - spotted grey kat, twin, dark grey, dense

Middle:  UTS Triton (UTS  Chrome/UTS Talledega) - spotted grey kat, triplet

UTS Triton - dense and dark grey kat

UTS Giovani (UTS El Paso/UTS Galena) - emsket, B/b

UTS Giovani - lustrous and soft

UTS El Paso/UTS Cherra - emsket, B/b

UTS El Paso/UTS Cherra - emsket, lustrous, very soft

UTS Tortuga (UTS Cameron/UTS Topaz) - grey kat (b/b)

UTS Tortuga - dense and soft

UTS Zambo (UTS El Paso/UTS Cherra) - white twin, B/b, great head, body, and rear

UTS Zambo

UTS Zambo - perfect tail and very wide square rear!
on right: UTS El Paso/UTS Mingay - white, twin, B/b, modified

UTS Zambo

UTS El Paso/UTS Sirene - white, triplet, B/b, exceptional horns

UTS El Paso/UTS Sirene - great rear

UTS El Paso/UTS Sirene - lustrous fleece

UTS El Paso/UTS Mingay - white, twin, B/b, modified

UTS El Paso/UTS Mingay - white, twin, B/b, modified, dense and soft

UTS El Paso/UTS Arroyo - white, twin

UTS El Paso/UTS Arroyo - white, twin

UTS El Paso/UTS Sirene - shaela, triplet, dense (forgot his fleece pic)

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Fall 2017 Breeding groups for Under The Son Shetlands.

Breeding ended before Thanksgiving with the BFL providing clean up duties now.  Deposits can be placed for lambs next year.  There should be quite the variety of lambs.  All sheep are fine fleeced, crimpy, dense, and soft with good conformation.  Some have been inspected at WSWF (or sires  or dams were inspected) and passed.  Under The Son Farm is well noted for producing top quality Shetlands for the past 15 years.  We strive to produce Shetlands that are breed typey, hardy, productive in the jug, meaty carcass, and have a good fleece.

 UTS Mackinaw River

Black krunet (B/b), 2016 WSWF Supreme Champion

Goals:  Some repeat breedings that produced very nice lambs this year.  Coolea (1st place as ewe lamb at WSWF) and Tono Brea are different lines so hoping they produce nicely too.

White - Mascarpone (repeat breeding, kept her white ewe lamb and her ram lamb is top notch)
Moorit - Cascade (repeat breeding which produced 2017 WSWF Res Sup Champ UTS Calvin Klein and his twin brother Captain - probably the best ram lamb of this year's crop)
Grey Kat - S'more Tanz (repeat breeding, produced Patches, a spotted keeper ewe lamb)
Fawn kat - Coolea
White - Tono Brea

UTS Dawson 

Grey kat, B/b, krunet, med/lt grey color in fleece, silky

Goals:  Dawson has produced a lot of nice ewes, rams, and grandlambs.  Repeat breeding on Meredith; the other three should produce well.  

Black/shaela - Meredith Blue (repeat breeding, which produced Mack)
Grey - Kivalina
Grey kat - Sekka
Light moorit - Navara

 UTS Cameron

Spotted Grey, B/b

Goals:  Cam produced nice lambs two years ago so looking forward to more next year.  Some very fine fleeces here.

Black - Tacoosh (2016 WSWF Champ Ewe)
White - Fancy
Moorit - Brandywine
Grey kat - Manistique
Grey kat - Merrimac
Fawn kat - Topaz

UTS El Paso
White, modified (blue nose leather) ram lamb

Goals:  El Paso is a Cleggan great grandson.  Modified from his mother's and sire's mother's side, so should get some modified lambs.  Hoping he carries moorit.  I've been waiting to use a ram from his mother for quite awhile.  So pleased that this guy has wide horns, strong structure with fine bone, and a fine, crimpy, dense fleece.  He is staying on the farm.
Black - Moxahala
Light moorit - Cherra
Black - Arroyo
Dark mioget - Galena
Light mioget - Mingay
Fawn - Sirene

UTS Chrome
Black smirslet ram lamb

Goals:  Spots!  Chrome is a top notch structured and typey ram with a rear that is very strong.  Package that with a dense, fine, crimpy fleece and pleasing spots - on a horned ram - and you have a quite a ram.  Ceann, Chrome's mother, is a silky fleeced rooer so hope he passes that to his lambs. 

Grey kat - Darby
White - Juma
Grey - Colla
Grey kat - S'More Tocatta
Grey smirslet kat - Talledega
White (hiding behind Talle) - Markoti

 Crossbred group with BFL

It was hard deciding who to put with the cross ram, but some ewes had to go here.  Nine ewes are in this group so there will be several very nice fleeced cross lambs available, if you are looking for spinner's pets or commercial ewe producers.  BFL/Shetland crosses are calmer than Shetlands, bigger but not too big, with a fabulous fleece.  The ewes cross well with Texels or other commercial breeds to make market lambs and can lamb at a year old.

This is the BFL cross ram and he is for sale as of Dec 10, 2017

Nice, fine, crimpy, soft fleece.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

2017 Lambs For Sale - Oct 2017

2017 Lambs For Sale - Oct 2017

Ewe lambs

UTS Smokey/UTS Arran - spotted grey kat ewe lamb.  Larger size, square. 

UTS Smokey/UTS Arran - fleece.  Good color, density, softness, and crimp.

UTS Basmati/UTS Talledega - spotted grey kat.  Bit longer tail.

UTS Basmati/UTS Talledega - fleece.  Nice color, fineness, very soft, fine crimp, density.  

UTS Chantilly (UTS Nishiki/UTS Chianti) - moorit.  

UTS Chantilly fleece.  Longer staple, dense, soft. 

UTS Smokey/UTS Coolea - fawn kat.  Very square.  

UTS Smokey/UTS Coolea - fawn kat. Striking facial markings.  

UTS Smokey/UTS Coolea - fawn kat.  Good crimp, fineness, density, soft. 

UTS Mackinaw River/UTS Sugar Plum Spice - fawn kat.  Nice markings, square. 

UTS Mackinaw River/UTS Sugar Plum Spice - fleece.  Dense, fine, soft, good crimp.  

UTS Mansoori/UTS Sierra Nevada - fawn light badgerface.  Longer tail, square. 

UTS Mansoori/UTS Sierra Nevada - fleece.  Silky soft, dense.

UTS Basmati/UTS Sirene - white.  Bigger ewe.  Square.

UTS Basmati/UTS Sirene - fleece.  Dense, longer staple, soft.  


UTS Calvin Klein (UTS Mackinaw River/UTS Cascade) - Black.  2017 WSWF Champion Ram, Reserve Supreme Champion, Best Fleece on Hoof under SSS breeder, inspector, judge Suzanne Meikle.  

UTS Calvin Klein - fleece.  

UTS Mackinaw River/S'More Tocatta - black smirslet.  

UTS Mackinaw River/S'More Tocatta - black smirslet.  Great horns and good structure.  

UTS Mackinaw River/S'More Tocatta - fleece.  Soft, fine, crimpy, and dense.

UTS Smokey/UTS Moreen - Shaela/emsket.  Good horns and structure.  Silky soft.

UTS Smokey/UTS Moreen - rear.  

UTS Smokey/UTS Moreen - fleece.  Bit longer staple, silky soft. dense, fine. 

UTS Mackinaw River/UTS Mascarpone - white half poll/scurred.  This ram has an excellent structure and breed type.  Great ram for a polled flock.  I have kept the past 3 years of Mascarpone's ewe lambs (except one twin, which went to another flock), from 3 different sires.  All are wonderful additions to the flock.  

UTS Mackinaw River/UTS Mascarpone - rear

UTS Mackinaw River/UTS Mascarpone- fleece.  Very fine, good crimp, very soft, dense.

UTS Mackinaw River/UTS Mascarpone
Also, UTS Smokey/UTS Cimarron - moorit, half polled/scurred.  Excellent structure and type on this ram as well.

UTS Smokey/UTS Cimarron - moorit.

UTS Smokey/UTS Cimarron - rich moorit color.  Longer staple, soft, dense.