Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Breeding Groups & ewe lambs

Here are the breeding groups for this year.  My goals:  balance the ewes with the correct type of ram, finer fleeces, and good horns.  If anyone is interested in a lamb from any of these pairings, give me a holler.  A deposit will hold the lamb/s.  Most of these lambs will be for sale.  I'll keep one or two lambs from each group, and some of the ewes will be for sale as well.  I like every sheep on the farm right now - they are all top notch stock, fitting the breed standard and sporting soft crimpy fleeces.  Just had another long time breeder stop by recently who remarked on how very soft all of the fleeces were.  High compliment indeed! To me, it is what the breed is known for and I won't settle for less.

UTS Cameron - grey spotted.  Very dense fine fleece.  Spectacular horns.  I don't know if I'll get any spots from him or not with his group.  We'll see.

Cam's ewes - Moreen (bl), Panela (wh), Kasta (bl), Tanz (dk grey kat), and Maraca (lt badgerface).

UTS Mahon - moorit, 2013 WSWF Supreme Champ.  Very silky soft, crimpy fleece.  His mother is a mioget so might have modifieds in the bunch.

Mahon's ewes - Arran (bl), WS0932 (bl - going shaela), Viva (Ag moget), Pashmina (wh), Sateen (fawn kat), Galeria (mioget), Cinnerelle (emsket), Sirene (moorit - Stilton's sister).

UTS Dawson - grey kat.  Extremely fine and uniform.  Looking for spectacular fleeces (well, in all the groups) and hoping for grey kats.  

Dawson's ewes - Meredith (bl, Res Champ 2014 WSWF, inspected & passed), Elfin (aka Shillay, bl), Tango (dk grey kat), Coolea (1st place ewe lamb WSWF 2013), Jindi (spotted moorit), Leyden (moorit), Meira (moorit - inspected & passed), Saga (moorit), Onyx (black/shaela)

UTS Stilton - moorit, 2014 WSWF Supreme Champ, inspected and passed.  Stilton is an almost fawnish moorit so may also get modified here.  

Stilton's ewes - forgot to get a good shot of his group.  Murol (bl), Jade (shaela/emsket), Toccata (grey kat), Carrowholly (grey kat), Madeline (mioget), Mingay (mioget), Vaila (grey), Rashera (moorit). 

The rest of the ewes went to the Cheviot.

Ewe lambs

No, these two are not sisters.  Vintosha, on the right, is a Stronsay/Viva daughter.  Darby, on the left,  is a Venaco/S'More Maraca daughter.  Very similar in type and style.  Both very fine and silky soft.  They love their pettings.  Which is why it is hard to get a good shot of them other than one like this where they are coming towards me.  

Valkyr - Stronsay/Vaila.  Spotted musket.  Very fine and crimpy.

Shots of the other ewe lambs. 

No, I didn't really want to keep this many.  A few are for sale.  The spotted fawn kat, the tagged fawn kat, Marina's grey kat (last photo, left side in front), possibly the black krunet.   Top notch group of ewe lambs, oozing with very soft crimpy fleeces and breed standard character.