For Sale: Yarn

Fingering/Jumper Wt. Naturally Colored Under The Son Shetland Yarn

 Perfect for authentic Shetland Fair Isle knitting, Shetland lace and hap shawls, sweaters, scarves, gloves, hats, and woven Tartans!

 Made from grade 1 and 2 Shetland yarn.

$6.25/oz, most cones are around 20 oz ea.
Top row: musket, lt mioget, dk mioget, moorit iset, moorit
Bottom row:  off white, light grey, med grey, emsket, Shetland black

Skeined yarns:
$15/skein, except mioget gold blended with Alpaca which is $16/skein
250 yards/skein, ~1800 yds/lb
off white/pale grey
light grey 1
light grey 2
med. grey
Shetland black
pale gold mioget (this has 13% alpaca)
dk mioget
lt mioget
moorit iset

Lace/Lt Fingering wt 
250 yards/skein, off white/pale grey, 2240 yds/lb.  $15/skein
250 yards/skein, Fawn/musket 2200 yds/lb.  $15/skein
250 yards/skein, White 2500 yds/lb, $15/skein

Cones available:  
$6.25/oz, most cones are around 20 oz ea.

White UTS lace yarn swatch knitted on #3 needles.