Tuesday, July 1, 2014

2014 Ram lambs for sale

Here are most of the 2014 ram lambs that are available (I'm still evaluating a few more).  Soft, fine fleeces on all of them.  Crimp structure varies between very fine and tiny crimp to a more crimpy/wavy structure.  All of the dams are FFSSA grade (1-3) and sires are either grade 1 premium, or very low grade 2 premium (for an adult).   All these boys are structurally correct, good breeding rams.  A couple are half polled/scurred.  All are twins except Cinnerelle's and he is a triplet.  I'll post the ewe lambs in the next blog post.

Shipping out east will be available in Oct for those interested.

UTS Stronsay x UTS Viva - spotted fawn kat

Another shot of Viva's boy.  Viva is standing behind him.

UTS Stronsay X S'More Rhapsody - moorit spotted 

UTS Stronsay x UTS Iona - black (B/b)

UTS Castello x UTS Cinnerelle - triplet, emsket, polled/scurred.

UTS Venaco x UTS Mercure - black krunet

UTS Venaco x UTS Spice - polled/scurred spotted grey kat
(This is a photo from April.  I'll try to get another one of him but he looks the same only bigger.  Nice ram for a polled breeder - his scurs are no bigger than Cinnerelle's boy.)

UTS Stronsay x UTS Ceann - black HST half polled/scurred  (B/b)

UTS Castello x UTS Madeline - emsket.  He is more of a half poll so will have to watch horns.  

Bramble McDreamie x UTS Chenille - moorit

UTS Venaco x S'More Maraca - grey katmoget

Bramble McDreamie x Whistlestop 0932 - black

I also have UTS Ben for sale.  He is a 2 yr old black (B/b).
Whistlestop 0923 x UTS Shaughnessy


  1. Nice group of rams. I'd like to get one, but I'm full here too. I really like that polled grey kat boy and the Emsket.

  2. Spice's boy would do well here in Washington. Several of us are working on fine fleeced polled lines and I'm lacking in black based Shetlands :-)
    A friend will have room to transport back from Des Moines, IA after the Colored Angora Goat show in mid-August, leaving Aug 17. Do you think there's a way to get him there? Oh, and do you check for OPP?