Monday, August 18, 2014

Pictures of Adult ewes FS

I was able to get pictures of most of the adult ewes that are still left for sale.  Several lambs did not make themselves known so need to get more shots of them.


Britta (Brandon/Clara) - emsket, 2006  RESERVED

Cypress (Apache/WS 0932) - shaela, 2011 RESERVED

Galerina (Brandon/SP Guinevere II) - emsket, 2007 RESERVED

Galette (Stronsay/Galerina) - moorit, 2013 RESERVED

Blackberry Sage (B. McDreamie/Chanterelle) - grey katmoget, 2010 RESERVED

Onyx ( B. McDreamie/Piemonte AI) - black/shaela 2009

S'More Rhumba (Apache/S'More Spunky) - fawn, 2011

Keemun (B. McDreamie/Cookie) - fawn kat, 2010 RESERVED

Shannda (Velour/Sencha) - fawn kat, 2012

WS0929  (WS0727/WS702) - white, 2009 (Ridland genetics) RESERVED

Shaughnessy (B. McDreamie) - grey kat 2009 RESERVED

Ruby (Brandon/Underhill Crystal Gayle) - moorit, 2006

Paxina (Cleggan AI/Prairie Wind) - white, 2007

Radisson AI (Campaign Timothy/Rahab AI) - grey kat, 2009 RESERVED


Grey kat ram lamb (Venaco/S'More Maraca) 

Black ram lamb (Venaco/Mercure) 

Black ram lamb (possibly modified) - (Stronsay/Iona)

Spotted fawn kat ewe lamb (Venaco/Giga)

There are several more ewe lambs that are availalbe, I just need to get pictures of them.  A couple of grey kats, a moorit, and another fawn kat.


  1. Do you have fleece shots of the modified ewes? Microns? Prices?

  2. Erica, the modified ewes are reserved. Sorry.