Thursday, May 23, 2013

Yeehaw! New cam

Splurged on a new Nikon CoolPix yesterday.  Only took >300 pics so far  . . . and I DON'T have time to take any!  This is just going to be a very short post.  Next week I'll take time and get more pictures and post what I took already.  Suffice to say, taking pictures is one of the really fun things that I've always loved to do.  I bought my second camera in high school with 'horse' money - a Pentax 1000 SLR.  Had fun in the school darkroom with developing pictures.  Loved it!  Had some good cameras since then, but since the digital age, I've not had a 'good' camera, and even this one is nowhere near a top one.  But it can take some decent shots!  This is just a taste of what I've taken so far.  I'll play around with the 16 MP later as these are just low res ones.

This moorit spotted ram lamb is a C. Pegasus/Ceylon get.  I've 'shelved' him till about now as he was born with a dog coat.  The hair is falling out and is being replaced with a very crimpy soft fleece (you can actually pull the hairs out as they are so loose).  I'm thinking I might use this one this fall for breeding as Ceylon has a long staple that is very soft and crimpy.  Very square and wide with strong horns.

UTS Stronsay.  Growing up very nicely!  His lambs are excellent.

B. McDreamie.  Had to move him to one of the smaller pens as the 2 year olds were trying to dethrone the king.  Still very soft and very crimpy!  May use him again this fall too.  

This is Bella, my 'helper'.  


  1. Nice pix; isn't it fun to have a capable camera to play with? I still have my old college photography K1000 camera....

    Sure wish I could find an easy, inexpensive way to get your sheep to Oregon!

  2. My gosh, those are beautiful pictures!