Thursday, May 16, 2013

Start of 2013 Sales Listings

Yes, it has been awhile since I've last posted.  It is crazy busy around here.  I'm hand shearing the flock . . . and only half done.  The rain (and MUD!) has put a literal damper on progress. But, to be reasonable, the sheep are rooing rather late for some of them.  A couple that I've put on the stand, I've only rooed/sheared the neck and britch, put their coat back on, and sent them on their way.  They just weren't 'ready' yet.  At least all of the boys are now shorn.  The big rams I have to do tied to the fence and not on the stand.  It is hard enough getting some of the big ewes on the stand by myself!

So, here are some pictures of a couple of the rams that are available for sale:

UTS Fetlar - Moorit POLLED yearling ram 
(UTS Perse/UTS Fraiche)
Very wide stance.  Lives with horned rams!  Milky dam.  Second in his class last fall at WSWF. 

Fetlar's fleece - very soft, dense, crimpy
Yearling stats: AFD 25.3/ SD 4.7/ CV 18.4/ CEM 8.3/ SF 24.1/ CRV 63.5

UTS Vementry - dark shaela, dense, crimpy, soft fleece.  
Yearling stats:  AFD 23.9/ SD 5/ CV 21/ CEM 8.8/ SF 23.2/ CRV 68.6

Excellent head and horns on Vementry!

I've also got Cleggan still available and Coburg.  All of these rams, with the exception of Coburg, will be shipped to market, possibly next month.  I'm reducing the ram flock by approximately half as I'll be looking to keep some of the upcoming ram lambs. 

There will be several ewes available for sale after weaning lambs:
Allison - fawn katmoget, (larger size)
Morchella - grey (Ag/Aa), F1 Jings (larger size)
Monaco - spotted grey (Ag/Aa), F1 Minder (larger size)

S'More Coppelia - moorit (smaller deer type)
S'More Minuet - moorit/fawn (medium size)

Taransay - white yearling
Shuna - white yearling
S'More Ballet - grey kat yearling

There will probably be more adults added to the list next month.  I'm waffling on letting a few go.  I really don't feel that bad about it either because I just read on someone's facebook page that every sheep they let go has claw marks on them (because they don't want to let them go!).  I feel about the same way . . .

For lambs, there are MANY that are available.  I just haven't had time to get pictures - and seeing that there has been so much MUD, I really haven't wanted to get pictures of them anyway!  But, to give you a feel for what is available, we'll have several spotted ram lambs, and both rams and ewes in kats, blacks, whites, and moorits.  For the ram lambs, we have some with big horns, and some that are going to be half pollled.   A couple will be full polls.   Fleeces and conformations are wonderful.  I'll be taking pictures NEXT month (after the wedding!!).  There just isn't time this month!

Sires for the 2013 lambs are UTS Stronsay, UTS Velour, Crosswinds Pegasus, UTS Cleggan AI, UTS Earl Grey.  

Looking ahead, I'm already thinking of breeding groups for this fall!  I may possibly use this guy:

UTS Ben (UTS Shaughnessy/Whistlestop 0923 'Black')
Proven, B/b
Disregard the 'tuft' on his back end - I started to shear him, then realized I should get a picture first!

Background is his fleece - intense coal black, very dense, very crimpy.  

I've really liked this ram from when he was very young.   He and Stronsay are very similar in type, though they have somewhat different bloodlines.  Ben's neck is a bit longer than Stronsay's and Stronsay's rear is a tad wider.  This is the only ram I keep by 'Black'.  I didn't use Ben last fall as he was leased out.  Getting intense blacks (and hopefully dark moorits) will be one goal for using him, as well as breeding him to the kats to hopefully get some more grey kats.  Everyone keeps panicking about getting too many grey kats . . . but what is the problem with that???  I love grey kats!  The fleeces are wonderful!


  1. I'm interested in Coburg or a ram lamb. Call or email me.

  2. Ok, didn't read the whole post before commenting. WEDDING??? And did you sell Earl Grey? Grey kats are the best!

  3. I would LOVE Fetlar, but what I NEED is another fine-fleeced poll-carrying ewe. Sure wish someone out there was coming out HERE this year....