Monday, May 20, 2013

Where are the sheep?

Hmmm . . . just when I had a few minutes to snap some pics of the lambs . . .  I'm assuming the sheep are the blobs of color poking above the grass.  And the 'bunnies' that are hopping around in the field look an awful like lambs . . .  Praise God for the grass!

Here is a ewe lamb that was up to the sheds (that Jeff has been working on fixing because most of them 'flipped' in a very strong windy storm coming from the south back in Feb).  This is Sateen's ewe lamb (by Pegasus).  Nope, this one isn't going anywhere!  Her sculptured features combined with her wonderful, well muscled conformation are too nice to slip away.  She's layered with an even fine fleece to boot.  And friendly.  And with that upheaded 'show' personality.   She reminds me very much of her great grandmother, Anglaise.   I'm keeping a few moorit ewe lambs as I'm very low on them - Sateen's, Lace's (Stronsay), probably Spice's (Stronsay), and at least one more.  But, there will be a couple other ones available.  All with very square conformations and great fleeces.    

I've been doing a bit of felting again - usually during the 'mud' times.  This is a nuno felted shawl that I made to wear to Jordan's wedding.  I dyed my Shetland white top 2 different purples, and used a bit of silk, blue tencel, purple tencel, and novelty yarn as embellishments.  Wonderfully soft and cushy!

Here's my new 'fancy' purse to take too.  It is made with Shetland shaela top and a bit of silk embellishment. A doubled corded felted handle, light grey cotton liner (to see inside!), and a zipper to close it.  Ok now!  This was fun and interesting to make and I can EASILY see myself making a bunch more purses and bags and other felted items (slippers, boots, and/or shoes are HIGH on the list but they don't need top).   


  1. The felted items are beautiful. Love the color of the shawl. Lovely ewe lamb.

  2. Love the shawl and purse! I hope it's not hot this weekend so you can wear it all day.
    Good looking lamb too!.