Monday, July 29, 2013

Some keeper ewe lambs

Sales postings are on the sales pages!  I'm updating over the next few days, so please be patient.  Meanwhile, here are some photos to view.

Some keeper ewe lambs for 2013

Carrowholly - Stronsay/Chenille
This is what you get when you pair two great sheep together.  Holly and her fawn kat sister are just tops!  So silky soft, crimpy, and fine in fleece on a typey, refined, yet strong structure.

Meredith Blue - Stronsay/Mercure.  Meredith is easily the fav.  Scrumptiously soft, very finely crimped, dense, refined yet good sized, typey, and very friendly.  Another great pairing.  

Kashta - Velour/Dakota.  Kashta oozes type and refinement on a good size frame.  Out of a winning sire and a dam that has produced a couple of prepotent sires.  

Sirene - C. Pegasus/Sateen.  Oh. My.  What a ewe lamb!   Elegance was born when she and her brother hit the ground.  It called like her name.  Lambs like these make me smile.  The 'presence' gene magnified.  Oh, yeah.  She's got style, type, and crimp.  Showing shots like these, with a tight fitting, correct, and perfectly shaped fluke tail  on a strong wide rear - with a great fleece going all the way down the leg - tells me all I need to know!  If it looks great back here, than the rest is cake!  And it is!

Mascarpone - Cleggan/Morel.  Cleggan is an F1 Skeld and Morel is an F1 Jings.  This pairing has given me a lovely combination of Island genetics.  Refined, typey, silky soft, crimpy.  My last Cleggan daugther.  

Jindi Brie - Stronsay/Jasmine.  Jasmine is a big ewe, a 100 lber.  Last year I put her straight to Blue, the BFL, for a first time lambing (I don't recommend this, and don't usually do it, but I was pretty sure Jas could handle it).  She had twin crossbreds as a two year old with style - raised big cracking lambs and was in great shape herself.  So, I decided to put her to a pure last fall. Stronsay, of course.  Peeking out behind her here is one of her two fine ewe lambs, Jindi.  Stronsay surprised me in a really big way by throwing spots!  Jindi is going to be big, yet refined, like her momma with an even finer fleece (in moorit!).  

Meira - Stronsay/Madeline.  Meira is standing behind Madeline.  Some of the lambs are just so shy and hate to come out from behind their mother.  Just what I wanted from this pairing.  Refined, typey, fine, crimpy, soft.  Well, maybe a bit more golden like her mother . . .

Galette - Stronsay/Galerina.  Galette is a bit lighter than Meira, but very similar otherwise.  Very silky like her mother (Galerina's CEM is 7.9!).  

Raschera - Stronsay/Ruby.  Ruby was supposed to be bred to the Cheviot, but I'm glad she wasn't.  Stronsay was the back up and he did the job nicely.  Raschera is a miracle anyway because days before Ruby was to lamb, she was found cast.  Unfortunately, Ruby had triplets and lost her last two ewe lambs.  Raschera was the firstborn and was fine.   Rachera is very friendly and always wanting petting, hence this 'coming at me' photo.  Stronsay did it again and gave me a wonderfully crimpy fine moorit ewe.  She is shown here with our new GP, Dotty.  

These are just some of the keepers, not all.  More photos have to be taken of those that are more shy.  A couple of fawn kats, another moorit, another white or two . . . And then the ram lambs.

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  1. So many nice ewe lambs! Sigh; it's a challenge not to covet.