Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A few ram lambs

Croglin - Stronsay/Cinnerelle. Light moorit, triplet (and has 2 brothers!).  Croglin has a nice rack, but it isn't overpowering.  Proper amount of fleece on the forehead, excellent typey defined head, and a good structure.  His overall appearance harkens to a more ancient specimen, yet he wraps the breed standard up quite well.  He has a silky soft fleece with fine crimp coming in.  I really like his package and will probably incorporate him sometime in the future for many of the characteristics that he possesses, especially since he is a Brandon grandson (a very fine, silky soft black ram).  

Croglin again, profile view.  Notice the excellent dishing

Asiago - C. Pegasus/Velvet.  Another excellent set of horns.  Asiago has a dark kat fleece but with the clear, crisp facial markings so desired.  Silky, soft, fine, dense, and crimpy.  He and Croglin, along with another triplet ram lamb are keeping Dreamie company in the chicken pen.  This is another watch ram for me.  I've got about a half dozen on my list as several of my adult rams will be replaced. 

Mobay - C. Pegasus/Magnolia.  HST black/shaela.  Mobay is coming into his own pretty well.  Very soft and finely crimped.  I'm not much into spots but he defies the norm.  Definitely watching this one.

Stilton - C. Pegasus/Sateen.  This is Sirene's brother.  Elegant ram.  Nice and dark moorit.  

Stilton's fleece

Monterey Jack - Stronsay/S'More Minuet.  Jack is coming in a fawn color and is very fine and soft.  Jack is definitely for sale.  Many of Tori's sheep have really tiny fluke tails and Jack definitely inherited that.  His overall type harkens back to his grandsire, Apache (a best fleece on hoof winner).  

Mahon - Stronsay/Madeline.  Light moorit.  Mahon is very similar to Jack in type, mainly different in color. He may tend to go towards the mioget end of the scale.   

This is just a smattering of the rams, as a few of these I'm considering on bringing to Jefferson.  There are a few more to get pictures of but the raindrops came and chased me inside.

Matooq - Velour/Mirky.  Nice fleece on this ewe lamb.  I've got 5 fawn kat ewe lambs this year and she may be for sale.  This one's grey kat ewe sister is definitely for sale, which is why I'm waffling on her.  She is in the show pen for right now till I pick a few ewes to bring.  

Leyden - Stronsay/Lace.  One of the ewe lambs I wasn't able to get a picture of the other day.  Leyden is a a combination of refinement, yet substance.  I really like how she does it without going over the limit on either bone or body.  Dense, fine, crimpy, soft fleece.  She wraps up a nice package!  Another nice moorit addition to the flock (the reason I used Stronsay on so many ewes was to try and get moorit ewe lambs as I have so few moorit adults).  


  1. all the lambs look great, as usual! The last moorit ewe reminds me of my Bethany (F1 orion x Lambo (holly x timothy) and they are both breath taking! Fantastic crop my friend!