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2017 Lambs For Sale - Oct 2017

2017 Lambs For Sale - Oct 2017

Ewe lambs

UTS Smokey/UTS Arran - spotted grey kat ewe lamb.  Larger size, square. 

UTS Smokey/UTS Arran - fleece.  Good color, density, softness, and crimp.

UTS Basmati/UTS Talledega - spotted grey kat.  Bit longer tail.

UTS Basmati/UTS Talledega - fleece.  Nice color, fineness, very soft, fine crimp, density.  

UTS Chantilly (UTS Nishiki/UTS Chianti) - moorit.  

UTS Chantilly fleece.  Longer staple, dense, soft. 

UTS Smokey/UTS Coolea - fawn kat.  Very square.  

UTS Smokey/UTS Coolea - fawn kat. Striking facial markings.  

UTS Smokey/UTS Coolea - fawn kat.  Good crimp, fineness, density, soft. 

UTS Mackinaw River/UTS Sugar Plum Spice - fawn kat.  Nice markings, square. 

UTS Mackinaw River/UTS Sugar Plum Spice - fleece.  Dense, fine, soft, good crimp.  

UTS Mansoori/UTS Sierra Nevada - fawn light badgerface.  Longer tail, square. 

UTS Mansoori/UTS Sierra Nevada - fleece.  Silky soft, dense.

UTS Basmati/UTS Sirene - white.  Bigger ewe.  Square.

UTS Basmati/UTS Sirene - fleece.  Dense, longer staple, soft.  


UTS Calvin Klein (UTS Mackinaw River/UTS Cascade) - Black.  2017 WSWF Champion Ram, Reserve Supreme Champion, Best Fleece on Hoof under SSS breeder, inspector, judge Suzanne Meikle.  

UTS Calvin Klein - fleece.  

UTS Mackinaw River/S'More Tocatta - black smirslet.  

UTS Mackinaw River/S'More Tocatta - black smirslet.  Great horns and good structure.  

UTS Mackinaw River/S'More Tocatta - fleece.  Soft, fine, crimpy, and dense.

UTS Smokey/UTS Moreen - Shaela/emsket.  Good horns and structure.  Silky soft.

UTS Smokey/UTS Moreen - rear.  

UTS Smokey/UTS Moreen - fleece.  Bit longer staple, silky soft. dense, fine. 

UTS Mackinaw River/UTS Mascarpone - white half poll/scurred.  This ram has an excellent structure and breed type.  Great ram for a polled flock.  I have kept the past 3 years of Mascarpone's ewe lambs (except one twin, which went to another flock), from 3 different sires.  All are wonderful additions to the flock.  

UTS Mackinaw River/UTS Mascarpone - rear

UTS Mackinaw River/UTS Mascarpone- fleece.  Very fine, good crimp, very soft, dense.

UTS Mackinaw River/UTS Mascarpone
Also, UTS Smokey/UTS Cimarron - moorit, half polled/scurred.  Excellent structure and type on this ram as well.

UTS Smokey/UTS Cimarron - moorit.

UTS Smokey/UTS Cimarron - rich moorit color.  Longer staple, soft, dense.  

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