Thursday, August 22, 2013

new Shetland Croft Shawl & UTS logo

My latest creation - the Shetland Croft Shawl.

Made with my handspun Shetland wool, naturally colored of course, in fingering/lt sport weight.  Perfect for staying on the shoulders while at the computer or even working in the kitchen.  No fussing and pulling it up or trying to wrap it around the neck, this lightweight, soft, and warm little shawl doesn't go anywhere.  Even though I've made many shawls that were triangular (woven, crocheted, and knitted), some that were rectangular (felted, woven, and knitted), and even a circle shawl and a tie shawl, this Shetland Croft shawl wins hands down in my book.  I'll be making at least another one of this in the near future.

Shetland Croft Shawl

 I've also designed a new logo for the farm and played around with putting it on a transfer!  Stash bags have been made with our farm name and logo.  These measure appr. 12 x 16".   If you order at least $100 in fiber goods, you will receive a free bag (if I have them in stock).  Or you can get one for $5.

The puppy is growing up.  She and Bella were playing the other morning during lamb training.  Bella ended up jumping in the auto waterer several times, using it as her personal pool.  Hence the reason they are both so muddy.  

If you are interested in any of the sale sheep and can pick them up at WSWF, give me a holler.  Here is S'More Monterey Jack's fleece - he'll be there and is for sale.

S'More Monterey Jack


  1. Have you written a pattern for this shawl yet? I wouldn't mind having the pattern.........just sayin'.

  2. Going to write this one up after WSWF. :-)

  3. Beautiful shawl. I love the natural color.