Thursday, October 12, 2017

2017 Lambs For Sale - Oct 2017

2017 Lambs For Sale - Oct 2017

Ewe lambs

UTS Smokey/UTS Arran - spotted grey kat ewe lamb.  Larger size, square. 

UTS Smokey/UTS Arran - fleece.  Good color, density, softness, and crimp.

UTS Basmati/UTS Talledega - spotted grey kat.  Bit longer tail.

UTS Basmati/UTS Talledega - fleece.  Nice color, fineness, very soft, fine crimp, density.  

UTS Chantilly (UTS Nishiki/UTS Chianti) - moorit.  

UTS Chantilly fleece.  Longer staple, dense, soft. 

UTS Smokey/UTS Coolea - fawn kat.  Very square.  

UTS Smokey/UTS Coolea - fawn kat. Striking facial markings.  

UTS Smokey/UTS Coolea - fawn kat.  Good crimp, fineness, density, soft. 

UTS Mackinaw River/UTS Sugar Plum Spice - fawn kat.  Nice markings, square. 

UTS Mackinaw River/UTS Sugar Plum Spice - fleece.  Dense, fine, soft, good crimp.  

UTS Mansoori/UTS Sierra Nevada - fawn light badgerface.  Longer tail, square. 

UTS Mansoori/UTS Sierra Nevada - fleece.  Silky soft, dense.

UTS Basmati/UTS Sirene - white.  Bigger ewe.  Square.

UTS Basmati/UTS Sirene - fleece.  Dense, longer staple, soft.  


UTS Calvin Klein (UTS Mackinaw River/UTS Cascade) - Black.  2017 WSWF Champion Ram, Reserve Supreme Champion, Best Fleece on Hoof under SSS breeder, inspector, judge Suzanne Meikle.  

UTS Calvin Klein - fleece.  

UTS Mackinaw River/S'More Tocatta - black smirslet.  

UTS Mackinaw River/S'More Tocatta - black smirslet.  Great horns and good structure.  

UTS Mackinaw River/S'More Tocatta - fleece.  Soft, fine, crimpy, and dense.

UTS Smokey/UTS Moreen - Shaela/emsket.  Good horns and structure.  Silky soft.

UTS Smokey/UTS Moreen - rear.  

UTS Smokey/UTS Moreen - fleece.  Bit longer staple, silky soft. dense, fine. 

UTS Mackinaw River/UTS Mascarpone - white half poll/scurred.  This ram has an excellent structure and breed type.  Great ram for a polled flock.  I have kept the past 3 years of Mascarpone's ewe lambs (except one twin, which went to another flock), from 3 different sires.  All are wonderful additions to the flock.  

UTS Mackinaw River/UTS Mascarpone - rear

UTS Mackinaw River/UTS Mascarpone- fleece.  Very fine, good crimp, very soft, dense.

UTS Mackinaw River/UTS Mascarpone
Also, UTS Smokey/UTS Cimarron - moorit, half polled/scurred.  Excellent structure and type on this ram as well.

UTS Smokey/UTS Cimarron - moorit.

UTS Smokey/UTS Cimarron - rich moorit color.  Longer staple, soft, dense.  

Friday, June 30, 2017

2017 Lambs for sale

There are many quality fine fleece Shetland lambs available this year, both ram and ewe lambs.  Inquire about videos of the lambs. Not all of the lambs are pictured clearly in the photos.   One of the moorit ram lambs will be used for breeding season so will be available afterwards.

Sire Ewe DOB Sex Tag Lamb color/fleece Price Other
Mack Panela TW 3/12 E 263 dk mo kat  SOLD
Smokey Arran S 3/14 E 264 dk gr kat face spotted  $350 Big ewe lamb 
Basmati Talledega TW 3/14 E gr kat, spot face, dk pheo  $300 
Basmati Talledega TW 3/14 E gr kat spot face, dk fleece  $350 
Smokey Cimarron TW 3/14 E 267 Mo kat, spot face    RESERVED
Mack S'M Maraca    TW 3/14 E 269 mo kat, white face RESERVED
Mack S'M Tanz S 3/15 E 275 yuglet HST, wh rear  SOLD
Basmati Meira TW 3/16 E white SOLD
Basmati Meira TW 3/16 E white  $300 
Basmati Elfin TW 3/17 E white    RESERVED
Nik Chianti TW 3/17 E dk mioget  $300 
Basmati Meredith S 3/17 E emsket krunet SOLD
Mack Darby TW 3/21 E dk steel grey kat SOLD
Basmati Coso TW 3/21 E white
Mack Toccata TW 3/22 E black & white spotted  $350 
Smokey Teton TW 3/23 E steel grey kat  $250 
Smokey Vintosha Tw 3/25 E grey kat w/wh body and mottling  SOLD
Smokey Manistique Tw 3/25 E Bl kat,v dk, dk red body  $450   Very dark katmoget, very fine and very crimpy, show type
Smokey Coolea Tw 3/26 E fawn kat  $300 
Basmati Sirene TW 3/26 E white  $300 
Mack Spice Tw 3/27 E mo, sm krunet, frosted ears  SOLD 
Mack Spice Tw 3/27 E fawn kat  $250 
Mansoori Sierra TW 3/28 E fawn kat or lt bdg SOLD
Mansoori Sierra TW 3/28 E fawn kat or lt bdg  $250 
Mack Ceann TW 3/29 E black w/few wh hairs
Nik Mingay   S 4/5 E moorit RESERVED
Mack Panela TW 3/12 R 262 white
Smokey Cimarron TW 3/14 R 268 moorit  $250  scurred

Basmati Elfin TW 3/17 R white KEEPER RAM 
Nik Chianti TW 3/17 R gold mioget  $200  Pet 

Mack Kjolen    TW 3/20 R 285 moorit KEEPER RAM
Basmati Coso TW 3/21 R black or grey, krunet hairs  $225  good horns - big fleece not ffssa type
Mack Toccata TW 3/22 R black smirslet  $350  Very nice w/good horns
Smokey Manistique Tw 3/25 R 302 black, few wh hairs on head  SOLD
Smokey Coolea Tw 3/26 R Fawn kat  $325  Very nice w/good horns
Basmati Sirene TW 3/26 R Emsket SOLD
Smokey Moreen S 3/26 R 303 black   $400 
Mack Mascarpone Tw 3/27 R white  $350  scurred, Very nice!!
Mack Ceann TW 3/29 R black w/krunet, face strip, wh rear hooves  $450  available after breeding season
Mansoori Colla TW 3/29 R spotted gr lt badgerface    SOLD
Nik Brandywine Tw 3/30 R mo  $250  Nice, but HP
Nik Brandywine Tw 3/30 R mo, slight krunet hairs  $250  Nice, but HP
Mack Tacoosh TW 4/4 R moorit SOLD 
Mack Tacoosh TW 4/4 R black, few wh hairs

MACK    CASCADE    TW     4/15               BLACK              $600    Very nice!!  2017 WSWF CHAMPION RAM, RESERVE SUPREME CHAMPION, BEST FLEECE ON HOOF