Thursday, July 21, 2016

2016 Sheep for sale

With a very heavy heart I am having to downsize my flock.  The following are all quality sheep from years and years of breeding the best to the best.  I will be adding at least 7 more after I comb over the names to see who else I can part with. I'll also be updating this page with pictures when I get them.

Adult Ewes

All ewes are grade 2 and have nice fleeces. 

UTS Madeline - 2006, mioget (Justalil Silas/Glenmore March Madness).  Mother of UTS Mahon, WSWF 2013 Supreme Champion and Best fleece on Hoof winner.  Old genetics.  Horned ewe.

UTS Mercure - 2009, grey (Bramble McDreamie/UTS Morchella).  Ag/Aa.   Has produced triplets.  Larger ewe.

UTS Ceylon - 2010, shaela (Bramble McDreamie/UTS Cinnerelle).

UTS Assam - 2010, white (UTS Broderick/UTS Pima).  Larger ewe.  Has produced triplets and spots.

UTS Damask - 2011, black/shaela (WS 0705/UTS Allison).  B/b.

UTS Chenille - 2011, grey kat (WS 0923/UTS Rahab).  F2 Jericho.

UTS Cambric - 2011, white (UTS Cleggan/UTS Cinnerelle).  F2 Skeld, carries modified and possibly spots.  Finer boned with silky type fleece (that goes with the modified type of fleece).

UTS Lace - 2011, grey (WS 0923/UTS Romie), Ag/Aa.  Bigger bodied ewe.

UTS Leyden - 2013, moorit (UTS Stronsay/UTS Lace).

UTS Jindi Brie - 2013, moorit smirslet, sokket (UTS Stronsay/UTS Jasmine).  Carries polled. 

UTS Valkyr - 2014, musket smirslet (UTS Stronsay/UTS Vaila).

UTS Cascade - 2014, moorit (UTS Stronsay/UTS Cypress).  Placed at WSWF in 2014.

UTS Saginaw - 2015, moorit

UTS Sabine - 2015, moorit  (UTS Mahon/UTS Sateen)


I will have at least 2 more rams for sale, either after I figure out which ones to part with or after breeding season.

UTS Manchego - 2013, white (UTS Cleggan/UTS Moire).  F2 Skeld.  Grade 1 Premium ram.

UTS Asiago - 2013, grey kat.  Grade 2 Premium ram (SF is grade 1).  


Some of the lambs are listed on the facebook page;  

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

2016 Cross Lambs

Here are most of the 2016 Crossbred lambs.  I am taking reservations/deposits for these now.  If you are interested, please email me so I can put a hold on the lamb/s you are interested in.  Use the @ sign between my name and undertheson. 

theresa  (the @ sign) 

Lambs are sired by a BFL/Teeswater/Wensleydale/Shetland cross.  The mothers are all grade 2 in FFSSA, with fine, soft, crimpy fleeces.  Study the pictures to see which colors and fleece types you are interested in for the lambs.  Some are more crimpy fine and some are wavy fine and show characteristics leaning to one or more breeds (like topknots for Wensleydale/Teeswater and facial markings for Teeswater, or more purly crimp for BFL, etc).  All will have beautiful fleeces.  Rams can be wethered after a deposit is put down. 

#1610 - E white

#1629 - R black

#1633 - R black

#1625 - R moorit

#1632 - R white, #1633 - R black

#1627 - E white, #1628 - E moorit

#1603 - E black

#1604 - E white

white ewe, lost tag, notch on bottom of ear (possibly #1606)

#1619 - E white

#1601 - E moorit

#1630 - R moorit (tag in wrong ear)

#1612 - R white

#1622 - E black

#1635 - R white

#1608 - R white

#1619 & #1620 - both ewes, white

#1602 - R black

#1607 - E moorit

#1609 - R white

white ewe in front, lost tag, center hole

#1611 - R white, #1612 - R white

#1616 - E Grey; no tag?  probably ewe with teeswater markings ( #1615)

#1626 - R white

There are a few more missing crossbreds that I'll have to get pictures of:

6 white ram lambs
3 white ewe lambs (not including the ones pictured with missing tags)
1 moorit ewe lamb

When I get pictures of these, I'll paste them below here.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Some 2016 lambs

Some of the 2016 Lambs
Here are some of the purebred Shetland lambs from this year.  Not all are pictured and of the ones that are pictured, some will be available for sale.  Some will be keepers. 

UTS Manchego/UTS Talladega - fawn kat ewe

Emsket/Shaela ewe - UTS Cayoosh/UTS Madeline
Lt moorit, mioget moonspotted ewe- UTS Mahon/UTS Chianti

UTS Coso with musket spotted ewe and grey spotted ram by UTS Manchego

UTS Manchego/UTS Vintosha - white ewe

UTS Mahon/UTS Nadaleen - lt moorit/mioget ewe

UTS Mahon/UTS Shenadoah - moorit ewe and fawn kat ram

UTS Mahon/UTS Shenadoah -  fawn kat ram

UTS Mahon/UTS Mascarpone - white ewe

UTS Manchego/UTS Sierra Nevada - fawn kat ewe (head spotting)

UTS Manchego/UTS Sierra Nevada - grey kat ewe

UTS Elfin with moorit ewe by UTS Mahon

UTS Mahon/UTS Elfin moorit ram

UTS Manchego/UTS Teton - white ewe

UTS Chianti with her other lt moorit/dk mioget ewe by UTS Mahon

UTS Mahon/S'More Maraca - moorit light badgerface ram

UTS Mahon/S'More Maraca - black light badgerface ewe

UTS Manchego/UTS Formosa Jade - twin white rams

UTS Manchego/UTS Kjolen - black katmoget ram
Possibly a half poll.  Extremely fine.

UTS Manchego/UTS Cascade - white ram

UTS Cayoosh/UTS Mingay - lt moorit/dk mioget ram

BFL/Wensleydale/Teeswater/Shetland cross lambs -
These lambs will be available starting in June for $200 each.  White, moorit, black, and one grey available in ewes or rams (that can be wethered) for either commercial flocks or spinner's flocks.  There are close to 40 crosses available.    PLEASE, place your deposit now for one of these spectacularly fleeced lambs! Some have tight fine crimp and others will be longer, wavier, and more lustrous like the Wensleydale or Teeswater breed.   Pictured below are just a few of them.